Rold Research

Our commitment:
Research, Energy, Safety.



Thanks to the integration of disciplines and skills ‘not usual’ for the companies involved, such as Design and Health&Life Sciences, Roldresearch bases its activity on the principles of multidisciplinarity and cultural contamination, providing different tools for creative processes, technology scouting and idea generation.

Roldresearch is operating following a working plan which that consistently commits its resources on two parallel and converging fronts at the same time:

1) the continuous check of the world wide state of the art in the areas selected for research and indeed the research itself: this strategy ensure a very pragmatic approach and creativity at the same time besides the ability to direct more resources as effectively avoiding waste and recovering, when possible, already existing ideas and hints, improving them or finding alternative applications to integrate with all the New derived from the research;

2) in full respect of the words in Roldresearch logo (Research, Energy & Safety), the research team explores in more detail issues such as: energy efficiency and recovery, special materials and surface treatments, communication systems for home & personal applications and obviously all the possible integration between the above technologies.

To give absolute concreteness and provide guidance, coordination and control to Roldresearch on has settled a Steering Committee which will be responsible for directing, guiding and monitoring the activities of the Centre, both as far as concerns the aspects of the research itself, and the use of the available financial resources. This team ensure, through regular meetings and constant contacts between companies and research center at Politecnico, the functionality of the Shared Virtual Lab allowing the creative osmosis between academic skills and operational experiences.