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Rold Research

Rold Research at University of Siena

Economics and Corporate Governance: Research Rold becomes an example to the students of the University of Siena.

The Chairman of the Group ROLD Laura Rocchitelli along with the Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Barbatelli, acting as official representatives of the research center Rold Research held an academic lecture at the University of Siena. Direct invitation of the Rector, Angel Riccaboni, members of our Steering Committee spoke of “Innovation management inside the company”, within the course “Economics and Corporate Governance”, whose objective is to provide students with the knowledge regarding the purpose and characteristics of the role of corporate governance.

“Function that, today, can no longer regardless of the capacity for innovation,” explained Laura and Paolo at the same time inviting the students to a necessary debate: “Innovation is certainly the daughter of Creativity and search but even more,” grandson “of an organizational robust and governed. “A reflection that members of Rold Research consistently carry on the work tables of our research center, and repeatedly reaffirmed at major public events.