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About us

Roldresearch has been founded as an initiative by Rold Group , Componenti Vending, Fluid-o-Tech, three historic companies located in Milan areas producing electromechanical components and pumps for fluids, which together decide, with their own capitals and investments, to become Institutional Participants of the Foundation of Milan University Politecnico.

The project aims to create a continuous access with a multidisciplinary approach, guaranteed by its own peculiarities and the basic mandate of the Foundation itself, to all the great potentialities as for research, infrastructure and skills at the highest level made available by the Milan University Institute.

The great and important change lies in the possibility that a Network of Small and Medium Enterprises just accesses the research, also pre-competitive, as usual prerogative of the highest level, and is with this innovative format pioneer of a a new route to innovation and development. Roldresearch indeed is not an exclusive club but rather a project open to new inputs and new ideas, with a series of benefits also for the future participants not having to worry about all organizational, logistical and structural aspects but simply contributing and directing research efforts maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of their investments.